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Description:Soccer Super Star – This is a sports arcade game that will surely appeal to fans of soccer. In it, the playe

Soccer Super Star – This is a sports arcade game that will surely appeal to fans of soccer. In it, the players become real stars of the number one sport. To build a successful career, all they need to do is make accurate passes and shots with a simple swipe across the screen. Each successful gesture allows for the goal or assist that takes the player up a step in the sport’s hierarchy and offers an opportunity to win a significant trophy. Also, do not forget the love of the fans, who support the athlete even more with each new goal.

About Gameplay
Soccer Super Star is for busy people, but they still love the game of soccer. Since the game has simple gameplay and fast-paced action, it should be suitable for most people. The game has uncomplicated controls and provides a lot of fun in every fascinating game. You have to swipe your finger on the screen to kick the ball and enjoy the feeling of scoring a goal. Intelligent AI dominates the game. From here the game is simulated in reality. The characters move freely and powerfully. The physics of the ball are real and super precise.

Soccer Super Star offers you accessible gameplay and is suitable for beginners. In particular, you will not be a specific character, nor will you have to control the entire player to overcome opponent’s defenses like in a tough match. That requires constant control in order not to lose the ball, and then you get tired quickly. The game has a simple mechanism again, and you have to slide the ball in the desired direction. Then the ball moves to the right place and a goal is generated. Everything is so easy. However, as you progress through several levels, the shots become more complicated and complex, and you need the right decision to break through the defense and score a goal in style.

Soccer Super Star emphasizes the fun of the game. However, the overall gameplay is not too complicated, rather the difficulty gradually increases. Experience the best swipe shot combo. With the right decision, you can quickly become a hero in any soccer game. However, you may not always get what you want the first time. Since the goalkeeper can catch the ball, you have to keep trying until you succeed.

Soccer Super Star offers you special cases. From here you will know how to choose the right path to get the ball in the goal. Anyone can interact with the game, so controller novices will love the simple gameplay. Although the gameplay is not complicated, you will face many challenges on different levels. It would be helpful if you practiced at different levels. It is best to practice from easy to advanced to improve your skills. The game allows you to perform many other kicks and you interact with many players on the field. You can’t always stand in front of a goal and just kick the ball in a dream. You have to go through many defenses and team up with other characters to complete an objective. Therefore, you need to give the right passes so that your teammates can catch the ball quickly and score goals easily.

What awaits you in higher levels?
In the next levels you will witness the “rise” of other forces on the soccer field: the opponent’s players are more elite, the goalkeeper is smarter and can recognize your tactics in a flash. Even fines are no longer easy to come by. The opponent’s defense is very strong and can win the ball at any time, even if you think you already have the goal.

In addition, the opposing team will be extremely methodical and strategic. They’re not just a bunch of young and naive players anymore. Splitting up positions, distributing squads, attacking and defending properly, what your team does makes the other side even more fluid.

At this point, a ball pass has become much more difficult. You can neither pass the ball directly to someone nor shoot it at the opponent alone. You have to split defense and attack, take the ball everywhere and pass it. The ball passes must also be more complicated than before.

In order to get the ball in the goal in the next level, you need to carefully consider all aspects. The opposing goalie can now lean, roll and crawl in all sorts of ways to catch the ball. You can only overcome it with professional playing technique, including the top phases.

Progressive factor and high degree of personalization
The progressive factor shows that the players themselves and their surrounding teammates and opponents are all evolving. When you get an upgrade, everyone gets upgraded too. As a result, the games on the field between the two teams are extremely balanced. The level of difficulty of the game is gradually increased through the scenes, for which I am extremely “grateful” to the manufacturer. In fact, in other games, sometimes when I was at level 1, my opponents would get to level 2, 3, or vice versa, which made me very self-conscious.

Graphics and sound in Soccer Super Star
The graphics of the Soccer Super Star are a harmonious combination of 3D and 2D. They use 3D perspective for transitions or intros before each game and 2D for everything that happens on the pitch with a top-down perspective. This “delicious” combination gives the game itself its own appeal and diversity. At the same time, it still ensures the most focused and complete experience for gamers, regardless of age.

I think the sound is similar to other football games today. It shows both the liveliness and the “blood” on the pitch through the cheers. The sound of feet touching the ball is very sexy and the players’ voices are very “hot”. Honestly, the sound is a “very good seasoning” of this game.


This game offers you accessible gameplay for beginners. In particular, you will not be the character and will have to overcome the opponent’s defenses. This requires you to constantly engage the controls so you don’t lose the ball. But for Soccer Super Star it’s the exact opposite; You have to surf the ball in the desired direction.

The game gives you specific instances where you can throw the ball into the goal. Anyone can do this, so those new to controls will love the gameplay. Although the gameplay is not complicated, you will face many challenges in different levels of the game. You will practice at easy levels and gradually improve your skills.

Soccer Super Star is a game about soccer. You control your character and collect points on the opponent’s goal. Everything happens with just one swipe to move the ball as desired. This makes it easy for new players to reach. You don’t have to move your fingers all the time, just find the optimal way to get the ball in the goal. There will be soccer star skills you can do. You will be amazed and experience becoming an athlete when you play Soccer Super Star!


That’s right, you can play and manage your team of 11 without internet!

Using the latest 2020 motion capture technology from real star players

Intelligent game A.I. enables realistic freedom, powerful simulation with precise ball physics. Make your way through the leagues to become a soccer superstar!

Be the hero for your country and club and strive for glory!

Intuitive flick-to-pass and kick gameplay, swipe your finger to propel, curve and propel the ball past defenders’ walls.

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